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After a stressful day, there's no better way to relax and become rejuvenated than spending 20 minutes in your very own home massage chair. Isn't it about time you spoiled yourself.
Forever Rest offers a wide selection of premium quality massage chairs for sale. These are some of the best massage chairs available. Our heated massage chairs are great therapy for a sore back or legs. The zero gravity design of this full body massage chair will enable you to relax, both at home or the office. Forever Rest is a massage chair brand that you can count on. Not only are they some of the best portable massage chairs and foot massage chairs, but most of them come FULLY ASSEMBLED. Isn't it about time to get your own affordable massage chair? You deserve it!
Here at Forever Rest, we want to make sure you get the best massage chair AND the best customer service. So whether you buy from our online massage chair store or at one of our local showrooms, we're always ready to help! You can be confident that your new zero gravity, recliner massage chair for sale from Forever Rest will be the most enjoyable experience you've had in a quite a while. So, if you're looking for the best affordable massage chair, you've found it! We also have a full assortment of colors, including black, brown, beige, red and more.
We understand that that not everyone can afford a $10,000 massage chair. Since Forever Rest IS THE MANUFACTURER, we are able to provide some of the highest quality affordable massage chairs for sale at wholesale direct pricing. There's no middleman when you purchase directly from our online massage store. And just to make it even easier, we include FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states. Now it just doesn't get any better than that. PLUS, we include a full 5-year limited warranty on most of our chairs. So, do yourself a favor and relax. Start enjoying one of our Forever Rest premium massage chairs today.

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Forever Rest Massage Chairs For Sale

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So I researched the crap out of these before settling on this brand.... what sold me was the active back rollers, customer support and reviews. We've had this since Christmas and it's used DAILY. Operates as good today as the day we got it..... also, it comes fully assembled, so just plug and play.

D. Blevins

Happy Customer!

Great product. Fast shipping and great customer service. I can't believe they answered my call late evening, they answered all of my questions I had about the different type of chairs they sell. We will definitely be purchasing a second chair for our vacation home. Again, thank you for the excellent customer service!

Christina L.

Great massage!

Great chair for 5’2” wife and for me at 6’2”. Easy enough to use with preset massage modes, and easy to adjust according to preferences. Shipping through SAIA was on time, good communication from driver. It’s comfortable, gives varying massage strengths according to mode, we recommend this chair.

Bob W.

Fits both me and the wife

I brought this chair as an anniversary gift for my husband who has a bad back. He loves it. Because of how much he enjoys it I decided to use it one day for myself. This chair is life changing. It is worth every dime and then some. My salesman Mike was excellent. He kept me informed every step of the way. I would recommend this chair and the company to anyone looking for a great massage chair.

Martha Davis

Perfect anniversary gift!

This chair is simply awesome! I have had this chair for a few weeks now and I am delighted to have this product. Because I suffer from digestive problems which causes me backaches, my husband purchased this chair for me. With the FR-5Ks massage chair, my back aches have diminished. I feel more flexible and I sleep better as a result of this magnificent machine.

O and T

Simply awesome!

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