We all have had long work days and exhausting weeks and in each of these days, getting home to your bed to rest your back or legs feels like the only thing that can cure your exhaustion. Most people will tell you it feels like heaven. Maybe you have gone a step further and have had the thought of walking into your mall or browsing online to look for a relaxing massage chair to have it in your living room and enjoy watching a relaxing movie or talk with your family. This now could feel more like heaven.

Well, I have dedicated this article to make your experience in shopping for the best types of massage chairs better. Below is a guide through the common types of massage chairs to help you have a guarantee in choosing a chair that will hit the right aching spot and relax your mind as well whenever you feel exhausted.

Full body massage chairs

These are the most common types of massage chairs available in the market. Just as they are called, these chairs give you a full-fledged body massage. These chairs also offer a wide range of massage options depending on your budget. The standard chairs offer a relaxing massage to your neck, back, shoulders and feet while as some advanced models massage your hands and arms. These chairs guarantee to give you the best relaxation time from your long and tiring journey or work day.

The Ottoman massage chairs

Out of all types of massage chairs available, the Ottoman massage chairs have been the longest existing chairs offering the much-needed comfort in your home. They have over the years been considered as budget massage chairs as they are inexpensive but still serve their intended purpose.

The Ottoman massage chairs are fairly small in size compared to other types of massage chairs and can fit in many houses as they occupy less space and are less cumbersome to carry. They have some advantage over other chairs as they offer enough space to tall people who are able to adjust the space between their upper body and legs as well as the headrest. You can sit comfortably and relax your mind in the ottoman massage chairs in your own living room at a very low and budget-friendly price.

The zero gravity massage chairs

If you have ever dreamed of being an astronaut as a kid, this is the best type of massage chair for you. This massage chair gives you the same experience as an astronaut gets when going out of space. This type of massage chair is great in relieving built up tension in your body as well as mind relaxation. It is, however, an expensive type and is considered a luxurious high end massage chair. If you wish to achieve your dreams of being in the outer space right inside your house, these are the best massage chairs for you.

Heated massage seats

The heated massage chairs are the high-end types of massage chairs. These chairs are a bit different in how they operate as they enforce heat therapy during the massage period. The rollers that exert pressure for massage are heated to create the heat therapy sensation which is very effective when relaxing your muscles and soreness after a long journey. These chairs can be found in most luxury vehicles and hotel room and can be a worthwhile inclusion in your living room.

Air massage chairs

These types of massage chairs offer a very different experience when you use them as compared to other types of massage chairs. They tend to use airbags instead of rollers to perform the massage function thus giving a softer full body massage feeling. The airbags can be used as add-ons to the normal types of massage chairs which will provide a cheaper option than buying an air massage chair.


Having a massage at your convenience without having to wait on a masseur could prove to be what you need to prepare you for every work day or relax your body and mind after a long journey. The above guide to the common types of massage chairs will definitely guarantee you the best time when shopping for your massage chair.