New 2020 Forever Rest FR-8KsL 3D Elite series Massage Chair

$5,999.99 $3,499.99

New 2020 model our Forever Rest FR-8KsL 3D Elite Series Massage Chair.

The Lowest Priced true 3D massage chair on the market and you don’t have to sacrifice quality


New oscillating calf massage normally only found in chairs costing 3 to 5 times more

New TFT remote control gives you a menu controlled massage chair which eliminates the need for many more buttons on the remote




This chair is a game changer! If you have dreamed of owning a massage chair with all the latest technology but the price just wasn’t in the budget, well we are changing all that with the latest massage chair in the Forever Rest massage chair line up.

A chair with an L-Track or SL-Track system is very common now but a chair with a true 3D moving back massaging mechanism is as good as it gets in the massage chair industry (note: 4D is a marketing ploy, we all know there is no such thing as a 4th dimension those are 3D chairs as well just like this one,  as a matter of fact, this chairs remote control will state 4D but makes no difference ). Normally you would have to spend over $4,000 and up to $12,000 for a true 3D chair but not anymore!

We are very proud to announce our 2nd 3D chair in the Forever Rest Line up and the lowest priced 3D Chair on the current market! The FR-8KsL’s 3D system is a true 3D system that at a touch of a button you can control the Depth of the back massage rollers.    You can control the depth (strength) of the back massage, simply selecting the 3D option and moving the rollers either closer to your back at variable steps or reduce the intensity by moving them away from your back. Traditional massage chairs without a true 3D feature can only control the speed and width in which the rollers massage but not the depth so if you wanted to soften or strengthen the massage you would have to add or remove extra padding or pillow thus affecting the user’s comfort and the quality of the massage but not on the FR-8KsL. Don’t be fooled by resellers stating that their chair has “3D body scan” if a chair does not have a true 3D system it can not perform any 3D task they are simply lying so buyer beware. Always ask if the depth of the rollers can be controlled mechanically with the remote control.

Other unique features:  Normally only found on a handful of massage chairs costing 3 to 5 times more than the FR-8KsL this chair also features Oscolating or kneading calf massaging airbags. You will find extra relief and better blood circulation with this unique feature, not only do the airbags in this area inflate and deflate giving you a satisfying acupressure massage but you will feel actual movement in a rotating or oscillating fashion giving you a more effective massage to the region.

Worth mentioning, while most 3D massage chairs only allow the user to control the 3D system while the chair is in manual mode, the FR-8KsL allows you to control the 3D depth selection system in both Auto Programs and in Manual mode.


  • L-track (true L track system with 133cm length) back quad roller design with the latest dual hump wheels for the most effective massage. This chairs rolling back massage system massages you from your neck to the glutes (buttocks) which can assist in flexibility to reduce the risk of injury, assist in recovery for the large muscles in the area, assist with sciatic nerve pain. The back rollers don’t just stop massaging at your lower back they go past that point and assures your very lower back and beyond gets the same treatment as your back.
  • TFT Advanced Remote Control, upgraded from the traditional LCD remote this chair new remote features cleaner, crisper, and sharper graphics on the new TFT remote which also includes an easy to use menu that eliminates having to use so many buttons to control all the features this chair has.
  • Easier to fit through your front door, this chair will come almost fully assembled, you will simply need to connect the side panels to the main body and the heating connections. a separate box for the side panels means the main box is narrower and easier to fit through traditional common doors eliminating the risk of damaging the chair.
  • 3-roller advanced foot massager system with heat! unlike most chair with foot rollers that use one roller, this chair has an upgraded 3 roller system to give you a relaxing yet effective full foot with a variation of movements, unlike other chairs that only roll in one or 2 directions these latest rollers roll and scrap and knead so you get the best foot massage.
  • Active 2 wheel per leg motorized Calf massage along with the many airbag compression massages around the legs and feet and now with heat for the foot for a more effective massage and blood circulation.
  • Designed with comfort in mind– This chair comes with a soft comfort head and neck pillow, Comfort soft PU leather-feel material, and comfortable arm and leg massage slots.
  • Bluetooth speakers, enjoy an ebook or your favorite relaxing music. The speakers can also be enjoyed when the massage motors are on stand by. You can use the speakers without getting a massage so as long as the main power switch is in the ON position.
  • Stretch mode (also known as yoga stretch) This chair auto program will squeeze your feet and legs and pull then downwards while the backrest pulls your core (upper body) back, while there are a few chairs on the market that do this, we feel this chair does it best.
  • Slide technology recline, this space saver chair only needs 1cm (less than 1 inch) from the wall (WOW) to fully recline as the chair reclines the backrest doesn’t just go back, it slides under giving you more chair placement flexibility than the competitors chairs.
  • Zero Gravity positioning– This chair can position you in a true zero gravity recline allowing your body to feel lighter as it balances your weight more evenly, allows for better blood circulation, relaxation, and a deeper more effective massage.
  • Massage techniques– Knocking, Kneading, Rolling, Tapping, Shiatsu, and combo knocking plus kneading.
  • 8 incredible auto programs, give you a Stretch, Swing, Relax, Wake up, Recover, Sport, Energy, and intense modes.
  • 30-minute massage, Adjust the timer from 5 min to 30min in 5-minute increments.
  • Width adjustment, you can adjust the width in manual mode from wide to narrow and regular.
  • Back Scan for the perfect massage, on startup the back rollers will travel up and down the track measuring your back for a perfect custom massage every time.
  • Built-in heat– for your lower back to help ease and relax the muscles, also includes heat in the seating area and foot region, all controlled by the user with the remote.
  • Back-Roller speed adjustment, (manual mode) you can adjust the speed in which the back rollers move.
  • Foot Elongation, for taller people, simply push out on the footrest and it will expand (extend).
  • Acupressure airbag massage, using the next-gen airbag system to suppress noise, to inflate sequentially, and efficiently for the Shoulders, Arms, Hands, Calfs, Feet, and Hips.
  • Diamond shape stitching, beautifully designed chair is sure to fit into any decor, now with diamond shape stitching on the heard pillow and back cushion for the latest design.
  • Rear Wheels, on the back of the chair to move it into place as needed.
  • much more….


This chair comes with a limited 3-year warranty on the electronic parts and 5 years on the steel frame against any manufactures structural defects.

Electronic replacement parts are covered for 3 years. In case of failure we will send you a replacement part free of cost for the first 3 years from the date you received your chair.