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Looking for a high-end massage chair but refuse to pay $5,000 to $9,000? You don’t have to. Take a look at this Forever Rest  FR-9Ks Air float 3D FL(Full length) L-track massage chair. Don’t miss your chance to own this amazing chair at such a low price. Don’t be fooled by a look-alike or older models, This is the latest and greatest of this model with all the new patented technologies like back massaging 3D rollers that actually warm up and assist in relaxing and allowing more blood to circulate the area for a more meaningful and therapeutic massage. We challenge you to find another chair with this technology and all the options this chair offers anywhere .near this price. In addition, this chair also has more heating support like a heated back cushion and even a Heated Calf area! A longer L track for full buttocks massage coverage and hamstring (depending on one’s length of course), unique head massage that unlike other chairs does not over inflate and hurts your head (the half moon/donut shaped ones). Another great feature is the intuitive remote control, from its soft touch rubber (not plastic) remote buttons to the distinguished menu to having the ability to even answer your mobile phone calls from the comfort of your chair with the chairs remote once you have paired the Bluetooth feature. 10 Auto massage programs, waist twist and much more. 5-year structure (steel frame) and 3-year electronic replacement parts warranty. You will not find a chair with all these features and this quality anywhere at a better price.

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This is your opportunity to purchase a chair comparable to other 3D L-Track chairs costing $5,000.00 to $9,000.00 at only $3,499 (additional discounts may apply)

Dare to compare, take a look at the high-end chairs from comparable High Priced chair from Infinity, Panasonic, Titan, Osaki 3D FL track chairs. The Forever Rest FR-9Ks actually comes from the same manufacturing plant as those big name brands, you just aren’t paying high prices because we don’t spend millions on advertising. The truth is that you can get the same quality from the same manufacturer for much less because we are direct authorized sellers and we don’t have to spend as much on advertising, your not buying from a 3rd party seller who has to over-inflated prices. Because of this, we can pass on the savings to our customers, It’s that simple.



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Here are just some of the unique features on this chair. There is a lot of information, but if you are serious about investing in a high-end massage chair while saving thousands, it’s well worth reading.

  • 3D INTELLIGENT AIR FLOAT BACK ROLLERS Were a common massage chair can’t go this chair does with its omni-directional, stereometric massage capability this powerful chair can give a deep acupoint massage were its needed the most like Shoulder Pressing, Shoulder Grabbing, Shoulder kneading function were the chairs rollers actually come outwards to reach areas most massage chairs can not. In Manual Mode, you can also adjust the intensity of the back and buttock massage as this chair has the capability to adjust the depth of the back rollers with a touch of the remote. In Auto mode, the chair does this for you automatically depending on which program you choose. This silky smooth back massage mechanism is only found in chairs costing 2 to 3 times the cost of our Forever Rest FR-9Ks.

  • UNIQUE HEAT (FULL COVERAGE) built into the back rollers! yes, you heard right, this chairs back rollers will gently automatically heat up giving you warm and soothing massage throughout the entire area it massages. If that is not enough, you also have built-in heat for the calves and the low to mid back. You will feel surrounded by warm comfortable heat set at just the right temperature so it is not to hot yet warm enough to help relieve muscle pain, stiff joints and allow an overall better massage experience. You can control which areas to heat with the digital advance remote control. So unlike most heated massage chairs were you only get heat on the lower back this chairs will produce heat all along the track as the specially designed patented rollers heat up and rolls up and down your back and the leg heat and seat cushion and back area continues to wrap you in comfortable warm heat, you will feel as if you are wrapped in a comfortable blanket. You choose which areas to warm up.

  • Full Length L-BACK ROLLER TRACK (FL=”Full Length” A longer track than your standard L track chairs, were the standard L track chair usually only massages down to part of the glutes (buttocks) the FR-9Ks super L track will massage the entire glutes and can go past the glutes and into the hamstrings (depending on users body length) for the ultimate lower back relief (tight hamstrings can lead to lower back pain as it reduces flexibility). The FL track can also assist those suffering from sciatica.
  • SPACE SAVER/FORWARD SLIDING Unlike chairs that need to be set about 18 inches away from the wall to fully recline, the FR-9Ks only needs to be 2-3 inches from the wall to fully recline with its NEW FORWARD SLIDING Technology.
  • BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS to enjoy your favorite relaxing music or audiobook.
  • LED MOOD SETTING AMBIENT LIGHT, Turn the lights Down or off in your room, play some relaxing music through the chairs Bluetooth speakers and enjoy the soft ambient color changing lights the chairs side panels will produce as it sets the mood for the ultimate relaxing massage experience.
  • TRIPLE FOOT ROLLERS will help release fatigue and muscle ache from your foot, unlike most other massage chairs that have only 1 or maybe 2 rollers per foot the FR-9Ks (like our 7Ks) comes with 3 rollers per foot, each roller specifically designed for that part of the foot. Press the “ROLLERS” button on the remote to increase the rolling action speed or to turn them off as needed. if you have sensitive feet you will appreciate the free pair of Foot roller pressure reducer inserts. Simply place them on top of the foot massager insert and place your foot on top and the extra cushion will reduce the pressure giving those with more sensitive feet a less intense foot massage.
  • TRUE ZERO GRAVITY POSITIONING some brands claim zero gravity but the angles and recline degree just doesn’t match a true zero gravity position were your body is in its most comfortable and balanced position at 128 degrees reclined position. This chair offers what we believe to be the most comfortable zero gravity position of any chair.
  • FOR THE TALLER PERSON the foot massager can elongate to accommodate taller people. While most chairs only elongate(extend outward) the bottom part (the foot area) of the leg massager, this chairs calf massager will also elongate.
  • STRETCH MODE yes the stretch mode is programmed into this wonderful chair, so sit back and let the FR-9Ks take care of you.
  • MANY MASSAGE TECHNIQUES from Kneading, Knocking, Pressing, Tapping, Combo Kneading & Knocking, Rolling, Stretch, Finger Kneading, Back Rubbing, Air compression, and foot rolling/scrapping massage there is every type of massage technique you will ever need.

  • 10 AUTO MASSAGE PROGRAMS You are sure to find an auto program for everyone in the family, from softer to harder more intense massages, From Stretch Also known as Yoga stretch) to Blood circulation focused massages and so much more.
  • AREA (ZONE) MASSAGE You asked and we now have it. You can choose an area massage like upper back and neck, Mid Back, lower back and butt, the back rollers will move in all directions and stay focused in those areas.
  • AIR MASSAGE FOCUS AREA You can set single or combo air massage using the extensive air massaging system that can massage your calves, feet, hips, lower back, arms, hands, Shoulders, Head.

  • LOWER BACK SOFT TWIST The FR-9kS’s built-in lower back airbags inflate and allow the lower waist area to slightly twist while the advanced back massaging rollers go up and down the area creating a more effective lower back massage.
  • MASSAGING HEAD PILLOW Yet another incredible feature this chair is equipped with, use the air massage head pillow to sooth and help relax and release tension. Want a deeper neck massage? simply move the pillow to the back of the chair and walla! as the massage rollers move up, you will feel a deeper penetrating massage on your neck.
  • FOOT ROLLERS REMOVABLE CUSHIONS For those with more sensitive feet, the chair comes with removable extra cushions you can insert on top of the foot massager and reducing the pressure of the foot rollers.
  • HIP AIR MASSAGERS This chair truly surrounds your body with the ultimate massage, the seat area comes with inflating air pressure massage.
  • INTELLIGENT ADVANCED REMOTE this chair comes with one of the most advanced remotes on the market. The color LCD screen easily tells you everything that is happening in your chair. It quickly responds to your commands, and audible signal lets you know the command has been sent. The soft rubber (not hard plastic) buttons feel good to the touch. The extensive menu is easy to read and select from the many options available.

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Warranty: 5 year warranty on the steel frame and 3 year limited warranty on all electronic replacement parts.

  • Our chairs are well built and we back our warranty 100% we are confident in the quality of our products and this is why we offer the best parts warranty in the market. We have sold thousands of chairs directly and online and we are happy to report that very few chairs have needed any kind of service. If you happen to need something repaired or replaced simply email or call us and we will troubleshoot the problem and find the best solution to fix your chair.
  • Parts and shipping is free of charge during your warranty period. Repairs are easy because you are not really repairing you are replacing a part. We also send you detailed instructions (with pictures and or videos as needed) on how to replace the part. We can also assist you via email and or over the phone if needed of course. Our customers have been very happy with this service. Don’t worry we also work with you on a case by case basis, our goal is to assure your chair is back in working order as soon as possible. These chairs are heavy due to their heavy gauge steel frame construction and motorized mechanism so shipping the chair anywhere for repair would not make sense as the cost for shipping is hundreds of dollars but if needed we will assist you. This is why we have developed this system that does work. If you are local in Southern California U.S.A. we can sometimes make arrangements to have chair dropped off for repair.

Shipping & Returns

Due to the large size and heavy weight of this product, we only ship via LTL freight carriers.  For further information please see our Shipping & Returns page.

Due to the extensive technology included with this top of the line massage chair, some light assembly is required.  The chair will arrive in 3 boxes, including the main body, side panels, and leg massager.  Fortunately, it is a very simple process.

*There is no guaranteed delivery date, only estimated dates due to shipping schedules.

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