Replacement Remote Control For Forever Rest Models: FR-5Ks, FR-5KsL, FR-7Ks


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This is for the remote control and cord that reaches the cords second part were it plugs in togethter, it doesnot include the second part of the remote that reaqches the chairs motherboard.


Make sure you are ordering the correct remote: Behind your original remote will have the model number, you can also find the chairs model number behind the chair.

How to distiguish: The FR-5Ks remote has only 1 button that is different than the FR-5KsL and the FR7Ks, The FR-5Ks has a “VIBRATION” button on the very bottom middle of the remote. The FR-5KsL and the FR-7Ks both use the same remote and have a buttonon the bottom middle that says “ZERO G”  If you are not sure which remote you should be ordering, please give us a call or email us first.