Warranty: 2-Year Ext. (electronic parts)



** IMPORTANT ** Extended Warranty must be purchased at the time of your massage chair purchase or within 24hrs from the time we received your order. Any warranty purchases made after are subject to cancellation and a full refund will be granted unless proper arrangements have been made by us.

This extended 2 year warranty covers replacement electronic parts for an additional 2 years from the date you purchased your massage chair. This extended warranty does not cover labor. This extended warranty is only offered to new customers and for electronic massage chairs only. It is simply an extension of the electronics parts replacement the chair comes with.

There is no refund no pro-ration period on extended warranty purchases.

You receipt is your proof of purchase.

This extended warranty is non transferable, only the original buyer is eligible to exercise the warranty with proof of purchase.

If you have any questions, please ask before purchasing. You can email us at Massagechairhelp@yahoo.com or call us at 619.630.1440 or 619.628.9503